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online.net 服务器从新调整定价(服务器上涨,安装费下降) Dedibox

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With Spring comes an inexplicable and intuitive desire to start cleaning up! Your Dedibox catalogue is getting a fresh look and feel thanks to some new offers and updated product names. From now on, our servers are all named according to an easy-to-read naming convention, and for added clarity, will be divided into four categories:
春天来到了,清理一些旧的东西! 由于一些新的优惠和更新的产品名称,您的Dedibox产品目录将焕然一新。 从现在开始,我们的服务器都是按照易于阅读的命名约定命名的,并且为了更加清晰,将分为四类:
Starting at € 11,99 per month
Enjoy incredible performance at the best price-performance ratio.
Starting at € 59,99 per month
Enterprise-class dedicated servers offering a balance of CPU, memory, and storage for any workloads.
Starting at € 149,99 per month
High-end servers optimized for enterprise-class, intensive, and large-scale workloads.
Starting at € 39,99 per month
Extreme storage capacities servers for intensive disk I/O operations and big data applications.
Deploy your server now!
Making things better and easier also means upgrading our servers with increased performance!
We’ve boosted some of our offers by providing more storage capacity and doubling up on memory. These new offers are a sneak peak of what’s coming next. New products are in development. Want to know more?

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